Auto Tracking


BizTrack, tracking software is a powerful tool for fleet management, enabling businesses to monitor and optimize their vehicle usage. It provides real-time information on vehicle location, speed, and other metrics, allowing companies to improve driver safety, reduce fuel costs, and increase operational efficiency. With features such as route optimization, maintenance scheduling, and driver behavior analysis, vehicle tracking software helps businesses stay on top of their fleet operations and make data-driven decisions.

BizTrack Anywhere

BizTrack has the power of cloud optimization and you can track you vehicle and device from anywhere through web and mobile portal


BizTrack Anywhere

BizTrack has an Auto Call feature and
you can grant the right to a specific user
for auto call


BizTrack user will receives, alert of any
events on their WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Bot

BizTrack Next Generation bot will allow
you to define automatic reply flow into
system and system will generate
automatic reply upon receiving on request

CRM Suites

BizCRM is the comprehensive solution to manage the operation of Fleet Management, It’s an integrated solution for Tracking Software



Sales Funnel and Leads Conversion


Customer Center


Complaint & Event Alert Management


Security Briefing and Tech Team Solution